Develop and end to end data science project​

#FAQ A few frequently asked questions

Discover how to anticipate and adapt to the latest trends on mentorship and digital. Master the process in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Doubts and questions
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In our Mentorship program we include much more that just a Mentor.

  • As a Mentee, you will work on an industry relevant project with your mentor and develop it during 3 months to learn what it takes to conduct an end-to-end data project.
  • You will join our private Slack Community.
  • Our Data Science job hunting guide. A specialised, designed by Girafe, document that will give you the best advices to get job offers.
  • You will also learn how to conduct a project, manage stakeholders or communicate results.
  • We also share our mentees' CVs with our partner's network. Companies from various industries.
  • Girafe Mentorship Program includes job hunt resources. Getting your C.V. noticed, having the right contact or identifying non-public job openings is a game changer and our main goal.

This depends on the payment method you choose.

In any case, you will not pay until we have accepted your application.

In the Instalment mode, you will be ask to accept our Terms & Conditions and will be charge the enrolment fee + the first instalment  amount after doing so.

In Decisive mode, you will be ask to accept our Terms & Conditions and will be charge the full amount after doing so.

Then, you have a few days to meet the Mentors and start working on the project!

If things don’t go as expected with your mentor, you will get the opportuniy to get a new one, no questions asked.

Note that this won’t extend the length of your program. If you decide to change mentor after 1 monthyou will spend 2 months with your new mentor.

Once accepted and a Mentor has been assigned, your 3 months Mentorship Program will start with the 1st meeting with the Mentor that you work on the project.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts... Just kidding, your relationship with Girafe ends when you decide so. 

If it is for us, you will be a Girafe mentee forever. You will be given unlimited access to our community and our mentoring material. Once you are a Girafe mentee, we only want you to stay and grow with you.

You can cancel anytime. However, after your program has started, you will have a cancellation fee according for how many days have passed.

Our goal is to help people get noticed in job processes, nail the interview and land the job. This can be done with Respect to others, unconditional Effort and honest Integrity.

At Girafe, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to progress through hands-on mentored projects and develop the skills of tomorrow.

With the right assessments and learning tools authored by industry experts, you will stand-out from the crowd.

The Mentorship Program lasts 3 months during which you will work intensively on a project in close collaboration with your mentor.

We will only select mentees who have prior training in data science or a connex field like computer science, software development, business analyst, finance.

You are expected to know the basics of at least one language like Python, or SQL or of Statistics, data analysis or business analysis.

When you join the Mentorship Program, we will match you with the most relevant mentor. Do not worry, if you feel this is not a good match, you can request a change at any time, no questions asked.

Mentors can have up to 3 mentees, depending on their preference. Mentors with multiple mentees can offer to work on more complex collaborative projects.

You will get at least one hour of direct face time interaction with your mentor every week.

In case your mentor has multiple mentees, they will organise a one hours group session and a 30 minutes one-to-one session with each mentee every week.

You can also contact your mentor by email or our Slack community but please bear in mind they are not expected to answer immediately.

This is flexible and depends on you and your mentor. For example:

  • Some mentees have a very clear idea of a project they want to develop but need expert guidance to carry it out.
  • Some mentors have some set of projects ready for mentees to start.
  • Sometimes, the project is decided in collaboration between the mentee and mentor depending on their common interests and tech preferences.

You will have the opportunity to cover this question during your initial interviews with our mentors.

If things don’t go as expected with your mentor, you will get the opportuniy to get a new one, no questions asked.

Note that this won’t extend the length of your program. If you decide to change mentor after 1 monthyou will spend 2 months with your new mentor. 

Our official language is English and mentees are expected to have be fluent in this language.

All our communications and events will be in English.

If you and your mentor have another language in common, your personal interactions can of course occur in this language.

Our mentorships are fully remote!

We are currently focusing on the European Market and we expect mentees to live on a time zone compatible with Europe's.